19 Quotes About Sisters From Literature

Sisters are some of the most important relationships in life, and literature has tried to capture the complicated relationship. From Louisa May Alcott’s March sisters in Little Women to Beverly Cleary’s beloved Ramona and Beezus to the Wakefield twins from Sweet Valley High, sisters are some of the most iconic characters.

Middle class, picture books, young adult, and mature fiction have attempted to describe the unique bond that was sisterhood, through all of the dark times and all of the unbelievable times. As Atlantia writer Ally Condie said,

You’re close and as you’re growing up, you can’t trust anyone the way you trust your sister, but also they have the power to wound you in ways no one else actually does.

Through their fictional characters, authors describe the good and the bad of a sisters relationship, particularly sisters who are close. In particular these 19 quotations about sisters from literature get to the heart of the bond.

sister quotes

1. For there is no friend like a sisterIn calm or stormy weather; To encourage one on the tedious way, To fetch one if one goes astray,To lift one if one totters down, To strengthen whilst one stands

2. “I’m not going anyplace,” she explained that night. But until we’re old ladies— a cypress age, a Sawtooth age—I ‘ll continue to link arms in a panic of love, in public with her.

3. Regardless how many years passed or how much responsibility each presumed, they still managed to bicker like bitchy teens on a regular basis. Sisters loved each other enough to say anything; it reminded them they really were: Friends were always on their best behaviour, although somehow, though, each found it comforting.

―Lauren Weisberger, Pursuing Harry Winston

4. We hug, but there aren’t any tears. For every terrible thing that’s been said and done, she’s my sister. Parents expire, daughters marry out and grow up, but sisters are for life. She is the only man left in the world who shares my memories of our youth, our parents, our Shanghai, our fights, our griefs, and, yes, even our moments of happiness and glory. My sister is the one person who actually understands me, as I know her. The last thing May says to me is ‘When our hair is white, we’ll still have our sister love.

―Lisa See, Shanghai Girls

5. Now, none of us are sure we fight. We’re sisters. We desire no good reason to fight, even though we have loads of them.

6. That is the best thing about little sisters: They spend as much time wishing they were elder sisters that in the end they’re far wiser than the older ones could ever be.

―Gemma Burgess, A Girl Like You

7. My sisters were still, and the coolest folks I knew are. Know what they understand and I have always aspired to be like them. My sisters were the color and sound within my black-and-white boy world- I felt for my pals who had brothers. Boys looked very boring and dim in comparison to my sisters, who were always a rush of energy and exhilaration, buzzing over all the books, records, jokes, rumors and ideas we were discovering together. I grew up prospering on the turmoil in their girl noise, whether because somebody was wearing stirrup pants they were laughing or singing or staging an intervention. I usually loved being lost for the reason that girl sound.

―Rob Sheffield, Talking to Girls About Duran Duran: One Young Man’s Quest for a Cooler Haircut and True Love

8. There were once two sisterswho weren’t scared of the darkbecause the dark was full of the other’s voiceacross the room,because even when the night was thickand starlessthey walked home together from the riverseeing who could last the longestwithout turning on her torch,not afraidbecause sometimes in the pitch of nightthey’d lie on their backsin the middle of the pathand look up until the stars came backand when they did,they had reach their arms up to touch themand did.

―Jandy Nelson, The Skies is Everywhere

9. In a way, I was incredibly proud of her (not that I had any intention of letting it show while I was beating the crap out of her).

―Meg Cabot, Airhead Book 3: Runaway

10. I was too young that time to value her, But I know her. If she be a traitor, Why am I. We have slept together,Rose at an instant, learned, played, eat together, And wheresoe’er we went, like Juno’s swans,Still we went coupled and inseparable.

―William Shakespeare, As You Like It

11. I do not mourn the loss in my sister because she’ll always be with me, within my heart,” she says. “I ‘m, nevertheless, rather annoyed that my Tara has left me to suffer you lot alone. I don’t see without her. I don’t hear without her. I don’t feel well without her. I ‘d be better off without a leg or a hand than without my sister. Then at least she would be here to mock claim and my look to be the pretty one for a change. We all have lost our Tara, but I’ve lost a part of myself also.

―Erin Morgenstern, The Night Circus

12. “Come on Grace, I’m not going to tell on you. I am your sister.” And that is all she has to say.

―Robin Epstein, God Is in the Pancakes

13. I adore you with everything I am “May. For so long, I just needed to be like you. But I had to figure out that I am someone too, and now I will carry you, your heart with mine, everywhere I go.”

14. Ruthie began to cry at Julia’s use of the word “hate,” though Ruthie knew it was true, exact. For quite a while now it had been more easy just to loathe her sister. Simpler to attempt to define the relationship with that emotion that was straightforward than to live with the inconsistent set of feelings Julia brought forth.

―Susan Rebecca White, A Soft Place to Land

15. Back in time it appeared that having a sister were a catastrophe. Instead it is one of the best presents my parents could have ever given me.

―Sara Anzellotti, An Unexpected Proposition

16. She wouldn’t climb out of the bed for her sister, but she’d climbed into a crater. She wouldn’t cross a room, but she had crossed a continent.

―Anthony Marra, A Constellation of Vital Phenomena

17. What are sisters for if not to point out the things the rest of the world is too polite to mention.

18. Nobody fights you like your own sister; nobody else will aim for them without mercy and understands the most vulnerable parts of you.

19. There were once two sisters who shared exactly the same room, the identical thoughts, precisely the same clothing at the exact same moment. These two sisters did not have a motherbut they’d each other. The older sister walked ahead of the youngerso. The younger were taken by the older one to the riverwhere they floated on their backslike guys that were dead.

―Jandy Nelson, The Skies is Everywhere

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