25 Dirty and Embarrassing Never Have I Ever Questions

Never Have I Ever has become a basic game at any party, it’s consistently been a crowd pleaser because it’s guaranteed to get people laughing and talking. You can definitely learn some uncomfortable and intriguing things about people you thought you understood well.

It’s also a chance to be an absolute bugger and get people spilling the beans on their most profound secrets (if they’re truthful, of course!)

We’ve assembled an inventory of our favourite ‘Dirty’ Never Have I Ever questions to get the party started, because lets be honest – we only care about the questions that are dirty!
Never Have I Ever watched porn with someone

Never Have I Ever fantasized about someone while pleasuring myself.

Have I Ever taken someone’s virginity

Never Have I Ever been of exactly the same sex with someone

Have I Ever used a sex toy with someone else

Never Have I Ever someone that is given or received a foot job

Never Have I Ever had sex with someone who’s 15 years old than me

Never Have I Ever had sex with more than one man in one day

Never Have I cheated on an a Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Never Have I Ever saw cartoon porn

Never Have I walked in on my parents having sex

Never Have I Ever Googled sex techniques

Have I Ever taken a pregnancy test

Never Have I Ever forgotten the name of the person I was having sex with

Never Have I Ever had sex outside

Never Have I flashed anyone

Never Have I Ever slept with Boyfriend or a pals Girlfriend

Never Have I Ever masturbated at a friends house

Never Have I Ever had sex in a bathroom

Never Have I Ever Anal sex that is attempted and failed

Never Have I thought the person I was sleeping with was ugly

Never Have I ejaculated on someones face or let them do it

Never Have I slept with my pals sibling


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